What size containers do you move?

We have the ability to relocate 10 foot, 15 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot containers.

Does the container need to be empty?

Generally the container needs to be empty or just a few items lightweight items left inside. Contact us to verify your needs.

How far will you transport or relocate my container?

We will be more than happy to relocate or transport your container anywhere you need.

How much room do I need in front of the container for you to be able to load?

We need only about 30' of open space in front or behind the container to allows us to load or deliver. 

I have an exact spot that I have prepped, can you place the container on that space?

We can place your container exactly where you have prepped. Generally a space should be prepped the size of 10-12 feet wide and 40-45 feet long. We can line up your container on your string line or paint marking.

Should I place the container on something to keep it off the ground?

If you want to place your container off the ground it will help with wildlife not build nests underneath. Placing hard lumber (4"x6") under the corner casting on all 4 sides is all you need to do. We can assist you with that process during the delivery process. You do not need to place them on the site ahead of time.


Do you transport for other container companies?

Yes, we transport for many of the major container rental & leasing companies.

Are you able to place the container next to a wall or flush against another container?

We have special equipment that allows us to place your container flush against a wall or another container.